You don’t have to be a musician to enjoy the quality of our headphones.
However, it doesn’t hurt to listen to what some of the best musicians in the world
have to say about our noise cancelling headphones to know that we have a really great product! The endorsements below are for the Extreme Isolation headphones on our site.

Paul Gilbert has been playing loud electric guitar since he was eleven years old. From endless basement rehearsals as a teenager, to packed clubs with Racer X, to sold-out arenas with MR. BIG, Paul has spent more than 3 decades as a dedicated rock performer. For years, Paul has used the model EX-29 to protect his hearing on stage and in rehearsal. “EX-29’s block out the loud stage volume, and they allow me to have the perfect mix at the perfect level. Save your ears too!”


“To put it simply, these are the best sounding isolation headphones on the market. The audio clarity is amazing and they are ‘extremely’ comfortable to wear. Whether I’m playing a session halfway around the world, or teaching in my home studio, Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones are all I ever use.”

Jim Riley, Drummer and bandleader for Rascal Flatts www.jimrileymusic.com

“Awesome! They actually stay on my head when I’m rockin’ out!! Sounds Killer!! Keeps those pesky guitars outta my ears!”

Peter Keys, Lynyrd Skynyrd


“One of the most important things for me in the studio are my headphones. The EX-29s sound great! The perfect isolation protects my ears, and they are extremely comfortable to wear! The designers or engineers really got it all with the Extreme Headphones!”

Nir Z Nir Z has recorded with various artists and bands including Genisis, John Mayer, and Wynonna. www.nirz.com Nir Z

Fred Dinkins is one of the top drum instructors at P.I.T, Musicians Institute, located in Hollywood, CA. Fred comes from St. Louis, MO, and has been playing professionally for over 20 years. He is the author of the drum instruction book “It’s About Time.” Visit his website at www.freddinkins.com.
Blue Man Group approved!
“I love these headphones! For years I have made my own headphones for the studio as I had trouble finding anything that would give me the isolation that I needed and the sound quality at the same time. I am so excited to have found my ideal solution. The EX-29 is by far the best isolation headphone on the market today.”

Ryan Hoyle, Collective Soul www.ryanhoyle.com

“I have been using the Extreme Isolation Headphones now for 5 years, and in terms of overall quality, endurance and performance, nothing comes close!!!!! I have used them on every Megadeth record I have performed on, and even on an entire tour leg back in 2004, when I was suffering from extreme ear infection and vertigo – The Extreme Isolation Headphones literally saved my ears from further damage, and for that alone I owe a lot of gratitude to them. I simply will not use anything else, end of story.”

Shawn Drover MEGADETH www.megadeth.com

“I can hear the click but I don’t hear the Guitar. Can you turn the drums down in the cans? I don’t feel like I’m in the pocket with the bass and piano. These are things I don’t have to say or worry about since I’ve had my Extreme Isolation headphones. I can play the music with more feeling and expression because I hear everything so much better. Extreme Isolation headphones made for drummers by a drummer. Only one thing could be better-every body in the room has a pair.”

Charles Collins

“Being involved in both the music and voiceover industries, the headphones I use serve many purposes. Not only is isolation a key factor, but sound quality, durability and comfort are all important as well. My clientele is a mix of both long-time musicians who are accustomed to working in the studio and new aspiring voice talent to whom the studio experience is a brand new adventure. The Direct Sound EX 29’s work well for both the seasoned professional as well as the novice. In fact, we have even started recommending these headphones to graduates of our classes through Voices For All, our voiceover education and training company, for use in their home studios.”

Paul Benedetti Founder and Managing Partner, Voices For All www.voicesforall.com Paul Benedetti

Fivefold during rehearsal using JamHub’s TourBus silent rehearsal studio and Your Essential Headphone Kit, the perfect match! FiveFold was a featured band at Direct Sound’s 2010 Summer NAMM display.

Fivefold www.fivefoldband.com

“Whether I’m in the studio or just practicing with my ipod or a click track, your headphones are miraculous. I laughed the first time I came up against a Marshall stack 8 feet away. Truly incredible.”

John Cowsill began his career as a drummer and singer at the tender age of seven, playing clubs in Newport, Rhode Island, with his brothers. The Cowsills became a sensation in the late sixties, earning several top 10 hits, numerous television appearances (including their own hour-long TV special), and touring worldwide. After the family members went their separate ways in the early seventies, John played drums, percussion and sang with artists as diverse as Dwight Twilley, Bette Midler, Tommy Tutone and The Smithereens. He has also worked with Buzzy Feton, Billy Payne, Ernie Watts, Harry Chapin and the Bangles (his wife is the Bangles’ Vicki Peterson). During the eighties, John toured with Jan and Dean, who introduced him to Mike Love. John joined the Beach Boys in 2000, initially as a featured vocalist playing piano and percussion. John is presently back in his comfort zone–the drum seat–playing, singing, and touring year-round with the Beach Boys.

For a list of current Beach Boys dates, go to Beachboysfanclub.com for tour info.

“I was using the Extreme Isolation Headphones in the studio, recording our latest album ‘Doomsday Machine’…They are both comfortable and isolate good enough to get separation from the acoustic drum sound. This allows you to have the mix at a lower more listenable level, which every drummer knows is a good thing!”

Daniel Erlandsson Arch Enemy Erlandsson

“Extreme Headphones are by far the best isolation audio headphones I’ve ever heard. I love ’em! All the best and thanks!”

Larry Aberman – Currently performing with Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity” at New York New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas | www.larryaberman.com

“Extreme Headphones are an important tool in my musical life. I practice with them without music for ear protection, I plug them in my Ipod, when I am preparing for a show so I can practice with the music. (the headphones allow me to hear the music over the drums which, is really nice.) I also use them when I am recording in my home studio for track playback. I really do enjoy my Extreme Headphones, they are VERY USFUL in many ways!”

Gaylelynn McKinney, drummer myspace.com/gayelynnmckinney

“I recommend the EX-29 to anyone working in the audio field at any level: from the amateur to the experienced professional.”

Extreme Isolation Headphones advocate Enrico Sesselego is an internationally respected instructor and recording engineer who has worked with The Yardbirds, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Slash, and Paul Gilbert among many others in the music industry.

Enrico Sesselego

“These headphones have the most clean and balanced sound I ever had during a studio recording or practicing. They are designed for drummers and they totally blew me away, excellent!”

George Kollias Drummer for Nile www.GeorgeKollias.com

“I have been using the headphones religiously and can say that they are my favorite way to play live hands down!!! I am taking them on our second tour to Europe to use live. They are truly amazing.”

Mike Young, aka “Powder,” drummer for “The Saddle Tramps”

“Concentration is everything to me when I am in the studio. Direct Sounds Extreme Isolation headphones help keep me focused on the only sound I needed to hear… me!”

A-me, Shock City Records recording artist www.myspace.com/listentoame


“In Shock City Studios’ Control Room A we can mix at up to 124 dB and trust us, every client wants to. To protect the mix we must protect our ears by using Extreme Isolation Headphones. They allow us to listen critically while blocking up to 29 dB of ambient sound! They are also great for tracking singers and acoustic players because they also keep the sound in… that means no click tracks or scratch takes bleeding into the mic. Our studio would not be complete without them. The secret is out, they’re not just for drummers anymore.”

Chris Loesch & Doug Firley Co-Owners & Producers Shock City Studios, St. Louis, MO www.shockcitystudios.com

Shock City

Isaiah Fogle, a young drummer on a mission! This young man is an inspiration to all of us at Direct Sound Headphones. Isaiah is a remarkably talented young man who can light up a room with his smile, not to mention his drumming. We are proud to be a part of Isaiah’s very bright future.

www.isaiahfogle.com Isaiah Fogle

“Everyone at our facility loves these headphones and we use them in all 6 studios.”

Michael Puwal Sound Kitchen Studios Nashville, TN www.soundkitchen.com Sound Kitchen Studios

Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, songwriter, lighting and sound technician. Some of the people / bands Sheldon has played / toured / or recorded with: United Soul / Parliament Funkadelic – Bruce Palmer (Buffalo Springfield) Dewey Martin (Buffalo Springfield) – Bobby G. Griffith (Canadian Lawrence Welk Show) – Buzzy Feiten (Paul Butterfield, Stevie Wonder, The Young Rascals, Full Moon) – Timothy Eaton (Producer from Toronto Canada/ Timothy, Allman Bros, The Knack) – Paul Schaffer – Goldy McJohn (Steppenwolf) – former Band Director with Tony Bellamy’s (Formerly of Redbone) Redbone Review

“I love my EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones. I use them for live shows instead of floor monitors, as well as using them in the studio. They are awesome, especially when using a click track. After being onstage my ears used to ring quite often. I enjoy the hearing protection I get now at the same high stage volumes just by using my Extreme Isolation headphones. The staff and service at Direct Sound has been fantastic. Everyone there has always gone the extra mile and beyond to assist me.”

Sheldon “RocKit” Miller Drummer with “On The Rocks” (Seattle) www.myspace.com/sheldondrums

Robert Lunte is the founder of the internationally renowned contemporary voice training studio known as, The Vocalist Studio. TVS is a Seattle based studio for extreme singing vocal techniques and advanced vocal instruction. He is also the author and producer of the popular DVD training system for extreme singing titled, “The Four Pillars of Singing”. Robert is the founder and CEO of The Modern Vocalist.com, the #1 Community for Singers on the Web.

“I love my EX-29s, not only for drummers, these headphones are great for singers too. They fold up nicely for the singer’s gig bag, are comfortable, sound killer and are a great value for vocalists on a budget”.

Robert Lunte The Vocalist Studio www.TheVocalistStudio.com www.TheModernVocalist.com

Robert Lunte

“I used these headphones during record session of lastest CHRIST AGONY album, I was using it during last European tour and summer festivals with DEVILISH IMPRESSIONS and now I know that Extreme Isolation Headphones is the best solution for recording, practicing or playing on stage. Absolutely the best headphones I’ve ever used. I’m totally impressed!”

Lukasz Sarnacki Polish metal drummer

“What Extreme Isolation Headphones give me is the ability to concentrate on what I’m doing or playing on-the-air. I hear nothing but what I’m supposed to hear. And I hear it all loud and clear…no outside distractions.

“That alone enables me to better entertain and communicate with my listening audience. Extreme Isolation…it’s all in the headphones!”

“Smash” Broadcast Entertainer 103.3 FM Radio FOX 2 TV

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